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Join our workshops, exclusively for SmarTone customers, to learn how to make your everyday life more enjoyable with your smartphone and a range of apps.


Little Robotic Engineer Workshops

UBTech Jimu Robots will serve as teaching tools and inspire the children to create their robots with their creativity and imagination. They will learn to control their robots with a simple coding program that will stimulate their interest in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. The STEAM theme will allow every prospective Little Robotic Engineer to enjoy the class in a relaxing and funny environment. Participants can:

  • Learn and assemble simple electronic and mechanical parts in order to create their own robots, deepening their knowledge of technology and arts
  • Control the robots by learning the simple coding program through a dedicated graphic application
  • Participate in games and competitions with their DIY robots

  • Understand and Building own robot using easy to assemble components, and deepening their knowledge on the apps control
  • Blocky Coding – Children learn to design their own robot using Blocky Coding and control the behavior of their robots
  • IR Sensor – Use infrared kits to avoid different roadblocks to be explored though problem and critical thinking

*For Primary 3 students or above
*Each child must be accompanied by one registrant
*UBTech Jimu Robots will be used as teaching tools

Basic Guide for Smart Travellers

Grab your smartphone and say goodbye to traditional travel agencies! Start exploring with a quick guide on the most useful Apps for backpackers. Topics include:

  • Cheap air ticket comparison and booking sites
  • Introduction of accommodation booking apps, e.g. Agoda, Trivago, TripAdvisor
  • Useful local apps for travellers (Taiwan, Japan & Korea)

Workshop for parental control & learning with your smartphone

Smartphones are increasingly used by children but parents are concerned about exactly how they are being used. The workshop introduces apps for parental control to help manage children's smartphone usage. Moreover, parents can aid their children's learning through interesting apps and online education platforms.

  • Manage the time your children spend on smartphones through parental control apps
  • Control app download and internet access
  • GPS tracking of your children's location
  • Filter inappropriate internet content and check children's browsing report
  • Introduction to education platforms and apps (including English, Chinese, Maths, Science, Music, etc…)

Smartphone Workshop for the Elderly

Teach parents how to make better use of their smartphone and mobile apps, to enrich daily life and catch up with the latest trends and news, to share every moment with family and friends, and stay better connected. Topics include:

  • Tips on using the latest and most popular instant messaging and social media services, such as WhatsApp and Facebook
  • Photo taking and video recording skills, including how to upload to YouTube and Google Photo
  • Help accessing entertainment and the latest news from popular information apps, such as Apple Daily, AASTOCKS and OpenRice
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